It’s As Easy As

1, 2, 3 ...

1. How it works

You choose whether the company or the employee pays for the discounted monthly membership.  Then, on the day(s) you choose for GoFuels to bring fuel to your business, we send a text to the registered members of your staff to see if they need gas. If they reply “yes,” all they do is make sure their fuel door is open, tell us if they need any GoFuels add-on services, and we take it from there. Once we top them off, we immediately send them a receipt for the cost of the fuel and any add-on services they selected, and a photo so they know their car is safe.

2. GoFuels add-on services

GoFuels already helps your employees get more miles per gallon by bringing the fuel to them. But, that’s not enough for us. We also offer several add-on services at affordable prices to help your staff get more bang for their buck! Some of these services include windshield cleaning, tire shine, air pressure check & fill, tire tread check. In addition, in an emergency, every GoFuels member can request gas on demand and/or a jump start subject to pricing and availability. Click here for a complete list of add-ons.

3. Discounted pricing

We offer two options for employers.  With Employer Sponsored plans, the employer pays a discounted rate depending on the number of employees added to the plan.  With Employer Promoted plans, the employees pay the monthly subscription price; however, they still benefit from discounted monthly subscription fees we offer with company plans. We believe in strength in numbers, so the more of your team that signs up, the more everyone saves on their per month subscription fee! And, just like all GoFuels members, we update our gas prices daily to ensure the per gallon price your team members pay is as good or better than what they would pay at the pump down the street! 

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We have two models: Employer Sponsored: Employee membership is fully covered by the employer at a discounted corporate rate for a minimum number of employees. Employees pay for fuel and car maintenance services. Employer Promoted: Employee membership is covered by the employee at a discounted rate. Employees also pay for fuel and car maintenance services. For more details on these options and to bring GoFuels to your company, please contact us at [email protected].

A. While it is often easier and more convenient for employees to get their vehicles filled at the office, if their address is in our regular service area, we will be happy to fill their car at their home address!

Here's what people are saying about starting GoFuels:

“You mean I never have to go to the gas station again?  Where can I sign up?”  Susan B.


“I’m already adding up the time I will save by having GoFuels fill my car up!” Mark J.


“My staff will love this service!  And, I’ll be the smartest person in the office for introducing it!” Sharon K.


“Having the reassurance that my teenager won’t have to go to a service station at night or in a bad storm is invaluable.” Kyle P.


“My spouse will love having her windshield cleaned every week….that alone is worth subscribing for!” Josh A.

Our Safety Promise To You

We take safety seriously. For a business, your people and your property are your most important assets. That’s why we do all we can to keep your people, your property, and our team members safe. Our drivers are HAZMAT certified and receive extensive training in how to safely handle fuel. And, our trucks meet all safety and legal requirements necessary to safely transport fuel to you.